1. Tax Preparation Services
    Established in the City of Westminster, California in 2012. KV Financial Services provides the highest quality service with efficient communication, prompt response, and personally tailored program. Our office serve both private companies and individual clients. We will do our best to provide the most approachable, professional, accurate and friendly services with affordable fees to our clients. We have dynamic team with the right knowledge, skills and abilities. We are always grateful for the opportunity to serve your needs.
  2. Retirement Planning
    Have you spent a lot of time focusing on the front end of retirement - the accumulation stage? You may have focused all your attention on investment options when deciding how and where to save for retirement You may have diversified your investment portfolio to help protect from some market risk. You know the phrase. "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." It may prudent, however, to factor in tax implications of those savings on the back end of retirement - the distribution stage. * Will all of yours retirement income be taxed during retirement. * Will it all be taxed at ordinary income rates? * Do you have assets that will be taxed at capital gains rate? * Do you have access to any tax-free income? If you think your tax burden will be higher in the future, all of these questions are important to address now if you want to keep your retirement plan centered.
  3. A Closer Look at a 529 Plan
    A 529 plan is a traditional saving vehicle for college planning because contributions are made on a federal after-tax basis and earning grow tax-deferred. Withdraw from the plan for qualified education expenses are on a federal , and often state, tax-free basic. The donor may be eligible for state income tax deductions on their contributions. 529 plan funds can be tied o market returns, providing a potential account value increase year over year. While the plan has powerful tax-based benefits, it has limitations and disadvantages to consider. * Distribution for uses other than qualified education expenses may result in tax ramifications for you. * 529 Plan are often invested in accounts subject to market volatility. * 529 plans offer no options to fund the plan in the event of a disability. * 529 Plan values may affect financial aid.
  4. Prepare for Life's Changes
    Planned or unexpected changes can have a dramatic impact on how you live. We provide products which are designed to make sure your family, business, lifestyle and retirement are protected no matter what. * Family Security: Individual Life Insurance * Retirement Solution: Individual Indexed Annuity * Lifestyle Protection: Disability Income Insurance * Business Solutions: Retirement Plans
  5. Business Management
    What would happen to your business if your best employees went to work for a competitor? What would be the cost for your business? would you have to pay to recruit and train replacements? Would be a lot of revenue? And would they take any of your customers with them? Are you worried about losing key employees? Do you have a plan to keep your best employees from looking for work elsewhere?
  6. Business Protection Planning
    * Your business like a " goose that lays golden eggs" * You protect the goose so the golden eggs can keep coming * Your business interest is likely your most valuable assets. * A decrease in its value could have a big impact on your life * Protecting your business is a four-stage process: 1. Determine how much it is worth 2. Identify the events that could harm it 3. Develop effective contingency plans 4. Back up your plans with adequate resources